Ampex Data Systems Corporation has an extensive and noteworthy history of enduring innovation and influential products. For over 65 Years, Ampex has been the world leader in Magnetic Recording and Data / Information Storage. Here are some of our noteworthy achievements....

  • 1963
alt Ampex introduces EDITEC, electronic video editing, allowing broadcast television editors frame-by-frame recording control, simplifying tape editing and the ability to make animation effects possible. This was the basis for all subsequent editing systems. Ampex introduces a new computer peripheral digital tape transport, the TM-7. Its design far surpasses previous tape drives, using 80 percent fewer parts and completely eliminating pinch rollers and brake cylinders.
  • 1961
Image by Groink of Wikimedia Helical scan recording is invented by Ampex -- the technology behind the worldwide consumer video revolution, and is used in all home Video Tape Recorders today.
  • 1960
Oscar Award The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences presents Ampex with an Oscar for technical achievement.
  • 1959
alt The famous Nixon-Khrushchev "Kitchen Debate" takes place at the Moscow Trade Fair, and is captured on an Ampex videotape recorder.
  • 1958
alt NASA selects Ampex data recorders and magnetic tape, used for virtually all U.S. space missions since.
  • 1957
alt Ampex wins an Emmy award for the invention of the Video Tape Recorder (VTR).
  • 1956
The Ampex VRX-1000 Mark IV CBS goes on air with the first videotape delayed broadcast, Douglas Edwards and The News, on November 30, 1956, from Los Angeles, California, using the Ampex Mark IV.
  • 1956
The Ampex VRX-1000 Mark IV The Ampex VRX-1000 (later renamed the Mark IV) videotape recorder is introduced on April 14, 1956, at the National Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters in Chicago. This is the first practical videotape recorder and is hailed as a major technological breakthrough.
  • 1954
alt In a recording studio equipped with an Ampex 521 reel to reel tape machine, an unknown truck driver named Elvis Presley recorded his historic first single, "That's All Right" at Sun Studios in Memphis.
  • 1954
alt 1954 Ampex introduces the first multi-track audio recorder derived from multi-track data recording technology. Ampex introduces the first magnetic theater sound system, made for Todd/AO CinemaScope.
  • 1950
alt Ampex introduces the first "dedicated" instrumentation recorder, Model 500, built for the U.S. Navy.
  • 1948
alt American Broadcasting Company (ABC) uses an Ampex Model 200 audio recorder for the first ever U.S. tape delay radio broadcast of The Bing Crosby Show.
  • 1944
Alexander M. Poniatoff Ampex Electric and Manufacturing Company is formed by Alexander M. Poniatoff in San Carlos, California. The name AMPEX consists of Poniatoff's initials, with "EX" for "excellent" to form the unique name.

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