Celebrating our 75th Anniversary with ‘My Ampex Moment’

Everyone has an “Ampex moment”. It could be the moment you first encountered the company that has been providing data recording and storage solutions since 1944. Your Ampex moment could also be the time you were reminded that Ampex has been a part of key milestones in data storage and recording history, from Hollywood to the White House, from Bing Crosby and Elvis, to the space station. For many, their Ampex moment comes when they realize the company producing data management and security solutions today, is the same company they’ve grown up with for over 75 years.  As part of our 75th Anniversary, Ampex wants to hear from you. Tell us about your Ampex moment.

We want to know your #AmpexMoment

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Award-Winning Excellence

During our 75-year history, Ampex has won multiple Oscars, Grammys,  Emmys, and a Tony for its groundbreaking technological innovations in data acquisition, recording, and data storage. Our tradition of award-winning excellence continues today. Check out our complete historical timeline.