AMPEX to Launch Breakthrough Recording System for Rugged Airborne Applications

(Hayward, CA) October, 2018 – Ampex Data Systems (Ampex) will display the nano-R™, a breakthrough recording system for rugged environments, at the International Telemetering Conference (ITC) in Glendale, Arizona on November 6th-8th , 2018. Ideal for use in rugged environments, including manned and unmanned vehicle applications, the nano-R™ data storage system creates a revolutionary new concept in affordable recording and data processing.

“The innovative nano-R Recording System confirms Ampex’s commitment to supporting rugged applications within the aerospace community.” said Jim Orahood, Vice President and General Manager. “Additionally, the nano-R Recording System offers the best value on the market, further developing Ampex’s excellence at the edge.”

The complete nano-R Recording System consists of three components: nano-R Intelligent Storage Elements (ISEs), which are rugged, removable modules that take the place of traditional removable memory bricks; the nano-R Deck, into which ISEs are inserted; and the nano-R Controller, a detachable touchscreen handset.

The system’s core, the nano-R ISE, provides the intelligence to encode, format, store, stream, and share up to two channels of HD video while acting as a file server. Additionally, it utilizes state-of-the-art encoding technology from Ampex’s sister company, Delta Digital Video, to produce MISB-compliant video streams that can be recorded and/or streamed over a network.

The nano-R Deck contains the system’s power supply, the USB to network interface and an embedded switch, the video conversion logic, and slots for one or more nano-R ISE modules. The final component is the nano-R Controller, a detachable touch-screen handset that can run Windows 10 or Android, and provides a convenient mechanism to monitor and control the system. Additional display and control options are available for the nano-R system to interface with existing installations.

Visit Ampex Data Systems at ITC Booth #601 to see the nano-R system in action and to learn more about our avionics technologies.

Ampex Data Systems Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Information Systems, Inc., is the market leader in delivering visual intelligence and data security in rugged environments. Ampex is a small business based in the Silicon Valley that specializes in cost-effective data recording, on-board storage, cybersecurity, data management, machine learning and other associated technologies.

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