(Colorado Springs, CO) February, 2019 – Ampex Intelligent Systems, a leading provider of industrial control system (ICS) cyber security solutions, is honored to announce that its BLUE Lightning device is a winner in four 2019 Cyber Security Excellence Awards. Ampex’s BLUE Lightning has been chosen as one of the world’s best cyber security products in the categories of Critical Infrastructure Security, Internet of Things (IoT) Security, ICS/SCADA Security, and Security Monitoring.

Each year, the Cyber Security Excellence Awards recognize companies, products and professionals that demonstrate excellence, innovation and leadership in the information security industry. BLUE Lightning has been recognized based on the strength of its nomination as well as the popular vote from over 400,000 cybersecurity professionals within the information security community.

BLUE Lightning is a high-speed, high capacity, rugged compute device that can discover, define, analyze and mitigate cyber threats and vulnerabilities. BLUE Lightning monitors, detects, and if necessary, defends rugged air, land, sea, and space platforms and critical infrastructures in real-time. BLUE Lightning stands out from the competition as the optimum cyber security capability on the market specifically designed for monitoring and protecting ICS. Additionally, it is the only device that can monitor and protect down to Level “0” in the Purdue ICS model, with the ability to ingest both digital and analog sensor data.

Ampex also wins North America’s Cyber Security Team of the Year

Furthermore, the team of experts at Ampex’s Cyber and Electronic Analysis, Development, and Integration Laboratory (CEADIL) has been awarded North America’s Cyber Security Team of the Year. “Ampex’s dedicated team is honored to be recognized by the 2019 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards,” says Jim Orahood, Vice President and General Manager of Ampex Intelligent Systems. “We are committed to engineering products at the forefront of monitoring, detecting, and responding to Critical Infrastructure and Operational Technology cyberattacks and provide our clients a robust set of capabilities that offer a quick return on investment (ROI). Ampex has the ability to prevent sophisticated threats before they affect an organization’s revenue or security, making BLUE Lightning a complete disruptive edge security solution.”