Flight Test Data Acquisition

AMPEX produces integrated data acquisition and recording systems for the flight test community. Acquiring analog, digital, serial, avionics bus, audio and video signals and recording them in IRIG Chapter 10 files on removable memory modules, the AMPEX miniR is the premier worldwide flight test recording system. > Learn More

Mission Data Acquisition

AMPEX produces rugged solid state recorders for Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR), Electronic Warfare (EW), and Radar Data Acquisition. These environmentally hardened systems provide Network Attached Storage, File Server and protected storage for the most critical and demanding military and defense applications. > Learn More

Space Data Acquisition

AMPEX produces rugged solid state recorder systems that are hardened against and can recover from Single Event Upset (SEU). These products are ideal for data recording and playback requirements for Near Earth Orbit, Low Earth Orbit and High Altitude Long Endurance Platforms. These recorders are currently flying on HALE Platforms and the International Space Station (ISS). > Learn More