On-Board Cyber Security for Aerospace and Ground Vehicles

Applying Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems/SCADA to Aerospace Platforms

We have combined 50 years in avionics with our award-winning industrial control system cyber security product


BLUE Sentry is a high speed, high capacity, rugged compute device that can discover, define, analyze and mitigate cyber threats and vulnerabilities. It offers cyber defense for rugged platforms and critical infrastructure.

BLUE Sentry monitors, detects and if necessary, defends air, land, sea, and space platforms and critical infrastructures, in real time. These proactive capabilities enable the platform to more readily disrupt
and neutralize cyber attacks as they happen.

The focus of BLUE Sentry is to provide platform resiliency on ground and in the air. It does this through defining and installing a defensive baseline prior to takeoff , which provides machine learning algorithms for optimized multi-variable dynamic defensive decisions at machine speed. This gives the operator enhanced platform system situational awareness. Additionally, the BLUE Sentry device has the ability to detect, identify and make defensive decisions via machine-to-machine engagements.