BLUE Vortex Forensics and Discovery Device
Offers Real-time Network Analysis at the Edge

We don’t always know about ALL the devices on our networks. We also don’t know exactly who our connected devices talk to and how. The ever-increasing number of connected ‘things’ (IoT) makes complete network situational awareness seemingly impossible, leaving us vulnerable to limitless attack vectors. Ampex’s BLUE Vortex offers a unique solution to this problem with a sophisticated visualization engine that displays your network nodes and communication pathways.



  • Informs you of devices connected on your network
  • Live, precise model of your network and communication pathways, graphically illustrated
  • Live network forensics
  • Ingests PCAP files for offline forensics
  • Encrypted storage
  • Removable solid-state drive

Typical Applications

  • Network forensics
  • Creating a baseline for BLUE lightning
  • Network and inventory assessments
  • Evaluation of network vulnerabilities
  • Discovery of network communications