Common Architecture Recorder (CAR)

Integrated, Low-cost Recording, NAS, and Data Acquisition

  • Modular, Extensible Linux-Based Open Architecture
  • Software Defined Recording with ACCE (Ampex Common Compute Environment)
  • Network File Server w/ NAS capabilities
  • Integrated Information Assurance
  • USB “Type C” Connectivity
  • Standard: 2x 1000BaseT Ethernet
  • Optional GNSS/GPS Receiver (with ‘Disable’ feature)
  • Power through wide-range DC, Power-Over-Ethernet or USB-C. Optional MIL-STD-704
  • ‘All-in-One’ Processor & Storage Module
    • Removable Storage Media Variant²
  • Fixed Storage Media Available in capacities to 2TB
  • Optional Selectable Data Types², including:
    • Video Acquisition and Compression: HD-SDI with KLV Metadata, DVI/HDMI, Multi-channel SD (RS-170), MIL-STD 1553B, with one or two dual-redundant busses, plus IRIG-B, Gigabit Ethernet (Fiber and Dual Copper), High-Speed Serial, Others Upon Request

The Common Architecture Recorder (CAR) helps customers shift data acquisition and recording systems from a capital expense to an operating cost. The CAR is scalable with the flexibility to add almost everything you might want, but not stuffed with the costly things you don’t need. The low-cost of the CAR is only rivaled by its small size, making it perfect for “attritable” aerospace and ground vehicles.