Onboard Machine Learning for Data Analysis

Air, land, sea and space platforms generate an ever-increasing volume of data which is outpacing the ability to effectively review and analyze the information. Ampex is developing BLUE IQ technology to mitigate this problem by providing cognitive data analytics using deep learning onboard the aerospace or maritime platform or through their associated ground stations.

Once developed, BLUE IQ technology will be added to Ampex high speed, high capacity, rugged compute devices and will use machine learning-based content analytics to perform complex analysis of the data being acquired, in real-time, on the platform.

BLUE IQ technology will move analysis to the point of data acquisition enabling automatic ID and entity extraction in radio frequency, video, or still image data. This includes metadata tagging and annotation, thus, reducing the workload for human operators and analysts.

How will BLUE IQ benefit you?

  • Automatic Target ID and entity extraction from virtually any data type (video, RF, radar, etc)
  • Real-time, large data set triage and analysis
  • Auto-annotation and tagging of data
  • Saves bandwidth by auto-downlinking data of primary interest, storing the rest on board
  • Automatic cueing for faster searches
  • Reduces human analyst workload

Neural Network

Our flexible convolutional neural network processor can be trained for a wide variety of identification functions and then retrained as the environment changes. Eliminating the need for high-power servers, our fully integrated deep learning system has been designed to work within our existing hardware with only minor modifications.