Ampex Data Systems Corporation produces rugged solid state recorders for Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR), Electronic Warfare (EW), and Radar Data acquisition. These environmentally hardened systems provide Network Attached Storage, File Server and protected storage for the most critical and demanding military and defense applications. These applications include:

  • Electronic Warfare
  • Video and Surveillance Tracking
  • Ground Vehicle Situational Awareness
  • Persistent Surveillance Systems
  • Manned ISR Systems
  • Electronic Pod and Towed Array Systems
  • Unmanned Airborne Systems
  • Ground Control Stations
  • Test and Flight Telemetry Tracking
  • Video and Surveillance Tracking

Ampex provides a family of recorder systems that scale to the specific mission requirements, from modest size, speed and capacity recorders up to the state-of-the-art 32 TB, 1.6GB per second TuffServ 640. Removable solid state memory modules can be encrypted secure data applications. Lab units and Playback Stations provide ground support for these high performance recording systems in a more cost effective package.

  • High Bandwidth Sensors like RADAR can use protocols like sFPDP to connect to recorder.
  • Multichannel HD Video Encoder (from our sister company, Delta Digital Video) produces up to 2 output streams per input, which can be from cameras or displays.
  • Rugged Recorder/Server supports data rates in excess of 1GB/s and storage capacities over 32TB.

System can host 3rd party applications on Intel Core i3/5/7 CPU to i.e. create summary data streams for transmission via datalink.

  • System stores 2TB or more of Video & Metadata
  • Stored information protected with AES 256/FIPS assured
  • Provides Open Architecture Platform for Third-party Software
  • Video Encoder Subsystem (optional, but shown) permits “Dual Stream” Functionality: High Quality Stream for Recorder & Onboard, Highly Compressed Stream for Datalink. Metadata is the same in both.

We are very proud to support the following customers with our products:

  • JAXA
  • United States Navy
  • NASA
  • German Air Force
  • Brazilian Air Force
  • Indian Air Force
  • Australian AF/Navy
  • United States Air Force
  • United States Army
  • Japanese MoD
  • Canadian MoD
  • Mexican Air Force
  • Indian Navy
  • ISR/EW Pod Consumers

The following products are used in Military Data Acquisition applications throughout the world: