Related Products

In addition to high-speed download stations, Ampex provides related products and services to meet customers’ needs and compliment the use of Ampex network file servers and data acquisition systems.

The Ampex Common Compute Environment (ACCE) software suite takes the complexity out of data and device management so operations occur with zero data loss. ACCE is common to the Ampex TuffServ family of systems and creates the most seamless recording environment in the industry. Not only is ACCE is the most feature rich data collection software suite on the market, it is also very easy to use. Its web-based GUI makes executing the most sought-after data and device management functions simple and intuitive.

The SmartCable is the intelligent bridge between rugged memory modules and a download station. Some hardware interfaces such as IEEE 1394/FireWire are becoming hard-to-find or obsolete on new laptops and servers, while others such as USB are frequently forbidden by security policy from being used as a storage interface.

The RASP is a USB-attached storage device combining the reliability and supply traceability /consistency of an industrial solid-state storage device with the universal usability of a USB memory stick. Based around an “mSATA” SSD, RASP’s are available in capacities from 4GB to 240GB and higher. The packaging is designed to fit the demanding requirements of a mission-critical storage device being used in all environments.