Andrew P.

I worked for Ampex AWOSA based in Rome, I was often sent to far flung countries in the Middle East and East Africa. I enjoyed the independence of the job, you were to all intense and purposes on your own, no mobile phones, no internet, the best you could hope was a telex message via the hotel. I was working in Kuwait before the 1st war installing/commissioning 2x VPR6 PAL VTR’s in a newly constructed military hospital way out in the desert. The problem was that building was not complete and the aircon system not yet installed. The Ampex agent and myself would work from 06:00 until 11:00 am, by then the temperature and humidity was becoming a real problem for us and the VPR’s, we then had to go back to the hotel to recover. The temp in the building had by then risen alarmingly beyond +40 degrees C. The tops of the VTR’s were seriously hot and yet the VTR’s were still pulling tape despite the heat and humidity. Upon completing the set up and getting the job signed off I telexed the factory in the states to say how well the VPR6’s had performed in very difficult conditions. Suffice to say the customer was very impressed with the way the VPR6’s had performed.

– Andrew P.