Bill T.

I never thought something that happened 8 years before I was born would have such an impact on me.  When Bing Crosby invested in Ampex in the 1940s, it changed the world of magnetic recording forever and changed my life.  My father’s company became the Northern California arm of Ampex.  This led me to working after school and during summer vacations throughout my high school years, which then turned in to fulltime employment in the Magnetic Tape Head Prototype Lab which was “the” team to be on at Ampex.  Little did Bing Crosby know the effect he would have on one Ampex employee over 39 years.  Ampex has not only meant a lifetime of employment, but I also met my wife at Ampex.  She was hired to work in the Head Prototype Lab as well. Still happily married, after 33 years with two grown children, all because Bing Crosby needed to cut his workload In half (do one live show for the East coast, record it, play it back for the West coast time zone 3 hours later). Brilliant! Thank You Bing!

– Bill T.