TuffServ 641 Mission Download Station

TuffServ 641 Mission Download Station

An Integrated Linux Based System Tailored for High-speed Downloading of Data

  • Download Station for TS640 NAS Recorder RSA Solid State Memory Modules (2 to 80 TB)
  • High Speed internal interface from RSA to controller
  • 40GigE Pipe Interface connector on back side Download to user Network/Server/RAID Farm)
  • 19” Rack Mountable Unit
  • Linux RedHat 7.X Software Operating System
  • Downloads data off RSA at 1,000+Mbyte/second



The AMPEX TuffServ® TS641 is an integrated Linux-based system tailored for high-speed downloading of data from the Removable storage/Array (RSA) Memory Module from the TuffServ TS640 Rugged airborne NAS Server Recorder. The TS641 can also be used for the common RSAs also used in the Model TS645 Ground Rack Mount Server/Recorder (ground version of the TS640). The TS641 contains no local data storage but transfers data from the RSA Module out thru the 40GigE interface connector located on the backside of the chassis. A user software GUI is supplied with the system for easy command and control for download of the RSA data.


The AMPEX TS641 marries a server-class rack-mountable PC with the RSA “receiver” for the TS640/645 memory module with full-speed interface (PCI Express 3.0 c 8 link) and a 40 Gigabit Ethernet network interface. It supports network protocols to read and write data from both Linux NFS and Windows hosts and support of the TuffServ management software interface to erase and reconstruct the RSA.

The unit is rack-mountable and is a custom 3U chassis with depth less than 26”. It allows for attaching to rack and included rack mount slide kit. The system comes with Linux RedHat 7.X installed. System control is via a 1000Base-T GigE Interface. The unit is an open system that can allow user written software to be installed or used as a “data loader” to put information on a RSA storage module.