Download Stations & Rackmount Solutions

Customers demand post-mission downloading to be fast and seamless. Ampex provides rackmount download stations for its high speed systems. Simply put the onboard system’s removable memory module into the corresponding download station for fast access to your mission data.
TuffServ Rackmount Solutions bring Ampex’s unrivaled experience with rugged, conduction-cooled airborne systems to the rackmount system sector. TRS address key issues encountered when attempting to take products designed for data center use into aerospace or rugged ground environments: cooling, removable storage, and management of internal cables in high-vibration environments.

To complement the rugged members of the TuffServ 480 family, Ampex offers the TS 481 Ground System. Intended for use in data center environments, the TS 481 system marries an industry-standard server with a receiver port for the Removable Storage Arrays used throughout the family.

When you need a system to be rugged enough to deploy all over the world, and operate from, the Ampex TuffServ 485 fits the bill. Using the same circuit board set as used the back of a support vehicle by the TS 480 system, this rack mounted unit delivers behavior identical to its conduction-cooled siblings, but with the convenience of convection cooling and standard power supplies.

TuffServ 641 is an integrated Linux-based system tailored for high-speed downloading of data from the Removable storage/Array (RSA) Memory Module from the TS 640 Rugged airborne NAS Server Recorder. The TS641 contains no local data storage but transfers data from the RSA Module out thru the 40GigE interface connector located on the backside of the chassis. A user software GUI is supplied with the system for easy command and control for download of the RSA data.

The TRS350 Ethernet Data Recorder is a high data rate, large capacity streaming network recording system. The TRS350 utilizes mature and field-proven recording technology from Ampex Data Systems to deliver consistent, reliable recording and playback of streaming IP telemetry data. The TRS350 is a software defined recorder that has been designed for Telemetry over IP (TMoIP), Voice over IP (VoIP) and Video over IP streaming data recording and reproduction applications.

Ampex’s TuffServ Rackmount Solutions address three key issues encountered when attempting to take products designed for data center use into aerospace environments: cooling, removable storage and the management of internal cables in high-vibration environments.