TuffCORD Video Data Recorder

Rugged, HD Video Recorder, Network File Server, & Data Loader

  • Greater than 150MB/s sustained network throughput
  • HD-SDI input for Raw Uncompressed Video Capture
  • Built-in video compression capability for video downlink
  • Standard Dual Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces
  • Memory Module Capacities to 4TB
  • AES Encryption using FIPS 197
  • Validated Hardware & Software
  • Built for Rugged, MIL-STD-810 Environments
  • Options for Additional or Customized I/O

Built for tough environments, the TuffCORD Video Data Recorder goes wherever operators need to go, and delivers consistent, reliable performance in challenging conditions. The TuffCORD takes the proven TuffCORD platform and adds uncompressed video recording capabilities. With its compact size, light weight, low power dissipation and mounting options, it can be installed wherever it needs to be.

The TuffCORD Video Data Recorder is designed with the flexibility to meet a wide variety of operational needs. It can record all video types, act as a network file server, a mission or flight test data recorder, and a mission data loader. When it comes to capturing the best quality video however, the TuffCORD is tough to beat. Uncompressed HD-SDI video has become increasingly more desired for precision video analysis and real-time decision-making. With an HD-SDI interface and a market leading Delta Digital Video encoder (H.264 / H.265), the TuffCORD gives users the benefits of both uncompressed video (best quality for analysis) and compressed video (downlink/uplink and ease of management). The TuffCORD also has expansion capability for additional Ethernet and other bus types, including MIL-STD-1553B, CAN bus, and more.

Designed for Information Assurance

The TuffCORD has been designed from the ground up to provide cybersecurity capabilities that meet the real-world needs of operators. By leveraging world-class solutions from trusted suppliers, the system is straightforward to incorporate into a complete Operation Security plan.

Performance and Capacity

Gigabit Ethernet has become the default networking technology for onboard data storage applications, and the TuffCORD provides two 1000Base-T interfaces, as well as expansion capability for options for video and other bus types, including MIL-STD-1553B, CAN bus, and even WiFi networking.

To support this range of interfaces, the TuffCORD provides a single high-capacity, high performance removable memory module, with capacities from 240GB to 4000GB (4TB) and higher, as memory technology matures. The memory modules leverage rugged COTS media solutions, further qualified by AMPEX to meet the requirements of challenging programs.

Each memory module offers raw performance in excess of 250MB/second sustained, providing a recording duration of more than four hours even at the maximum operational rate.

Open System, Trusted Environments

The heart of the TuffCORD is a standardized, rugged pluggable processing module, integrating the CPU with memory and conventional I/O interfaces such as PCI Express, USB, Ethernet and serial ports. This module facilitates product reliability and long-term supply by isolating the intricacies of the CPU from the overall system; as CPU technology evolves, alternative modules can be used without changing the system’s internal and external interfaces.

The TuffCORD uses an Intel AtomTM “Bay Trail-I” family CPU that features 64 bit processing and, critically, the “AES New Instructions”. Using validated software modules, this capability facilitates high-speed encryption and decryption in accordance with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES, FIPS 197) and therefore a part of a FIPS 140-2 solution.

Expansion and Options

The TuffCORD is designed to be flexible and versatile. In addition to the dual gigabit Ethernet interfaces and an HD-SDI input the system is designed to support expansion for additional interfaces, including more Ethernet interfaces, MIL-STD-1553B, and even WiFi networking. The storage module has been designed to be modular, so that additional or different storage media types can be provided as required. As with all AMPEX products, a complete ecosystem is available including ground support equipment to facilitate data transfer to and from the recording media.