TuffServ 282 Rugged Network File Server

Rugged High Performance File Server for Challenging Manned Environments

  • More than 200MB/s sustained read or write throughput
  • 6 Second Full Load Power Holdup
  • Standard Dual Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces
  • Optional Additional Ethernet and/or Fibre Channel Network Interfaces
  • Two Removable Memory Modules
  • Memory Module Capacities to 5TB (RSM), 512GB (RASP)
  • Built for Rugged, MIL-STD-810 environments with MIL-STD power and connectors

Built for tough environments, the TS 282 File Server can go wherever operators need to go, and deliver consistent, reliable performance in challenging conditions.

Designed for Operators
The TS 282 has been designed from the ground up to meet the real-world needs of operators, with features such as built-in power hold up, a front-panel display to help identify and resolve anomalies, two media types to allow for different data sources, and service features to facilitate maintenance.

Two Types of Media
The two doors on the front of the TS 282 provide access to two types of removable media: the RSM, a high performance, high-capacity module for the primary storage, and the RASP, an economical lower-capacity module designed for applications such as flight plans, updates or maintenance data; both media types can be accessed simultaneously. Each type of media supports a USB 3.0 interface providing convenient I/O access when removed from the TS 282. Both of the media modules are based on commodity storage, which leverages the capacities, resilience and economies of scale of standard solid-state storage devices. Also available is a desktop docking station unit for integration into a more permanent data transfer station, attaching to the station using a USB 3.0.

Power, Display and Diagnostics
To support environments where the vehicle power may be subject to interruptions, the S/B TS 282 includes a large capacitor bank that allows the system to continue operating for a short period without external power. In the default configuration, the system will initiate a power-fail shutdown 1000 milliseconds after external power fails, and has enough stored energy to function for up to 6 seconds in total, ensuring that applications and data in transit is safely written to permanent storage before the system shuts off.

And to assist operators in making “Go/No Go” decision, the TS 282 has a dimmable front-panel display that provides status and BIT exception condition information to the operator.

For further troubleshooting and maintenance, the system offers a dedicated, front-accessible Ethernet interface that can be accessed with the system installed in a vehicle with the operational cables attached.

Expansion and Options
The TS 282 is equipped with two expansion slots, which can be used to provide additional network interfaces or additional interface types; Fiber Channel, Ethernet network switches, MIL-STD-1553, Serial FPDP are all possibilities.