Avionics Mission

AMPEX produces integrated data acquisition and recording systems for the flight test, mission, and space communities.

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Machine Learning & Data Analytics

AMPEX offers a series of products that provide complex data management and cognitive analytical capabilities.

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Onboard Cybersecurity
& Data Encryption

AMPEX develops advanced data encryption and onboard cyber security solutions tailored for your needs.

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Flight Test

AMPEX produces integrated data acquisition and recording systems for the flight test, mission, and space communities.

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Full Spectrum Data Management Solutions
Every Environment, Every Mission

Ampex Data Systems specializes in ruggedized systems for Aerospace and Ground Vehicles, Lab Systems, Flight Test, and Mission Operations.

Ampex designs and manufactures high-performance, high-capacity, digital storage products for demanding airborne, maritime, terrestrial or space based environments. These products are used during missions to encode, store, protect and manage critical, sensor-based data from aircraft, vehicles, ships and satellites in fight test or mission applications. Ampex is focused on providing rugged, Deep Learning Enabled, Small Form Factor processing/storage systems and leads the market for reliable and secure high-speed on-board storage for military and industrial platforms.

Ampex Launches Low-cost Network File Server Recorder for Attritable Applications

Ampex Data Systems is meeting customer demand for low-cost data acquisition, recording, and network attached storage (NAS) with the new Common Architecture Recorder (CAR). The CAR shifts ruggedized data acquisition and storage from a capital expense to an operating cost and is ideal for ‘attritable’ systems like unmanned aerial or ground vehicle applications. The low…

NEW! Full Spectrum Data Management Solutions Brochure from Ampex

Ampex Data Systems is committed to building cutting-edge, ruggedized data management and data security solutions for aerospace and ground vehicles, lab systems, flight test, and mission operations. Ampex offers full spectrum data management solutions for demanding environments and missions. Click Here to view Ampex’s new Full Spectrum Data Management Capabilities Overview Brochure.

Ampex & Mantix4 Sign Teaming Agreement to Provide Full-Spectrum Cyber Security Solutions

Ampex Data Systems (Ampex), a Delta Information Systems Company, announced a signed teaming agreement with Mantix4 to provide enhanced cyber threat intelligence and monitoring across critical operational technology (OT) networks. In this collaboration, Ampex and Mantix4 will deliver unparalleled cyber resiliency across information technology (IT) and operating technology (OT) environments. Additionally, this partnership will offer…