Our Dedication to Quality

Our primary focus is the success of our customers and partners through the delivery of suitable products, defect-free and on-time, every-time. To this end, our ISO 9001:2015/AS9100D-certified Quality Management System (QMS) challenges us to continually improve our processes, approaches, workmanship and performance.

Our QMS establishes and supports our systematic approach to continual improvement, which is a natural extension of our commitment to excellence. Our quality management experts continually evaluate our processes in order to improve efficiency, while also encouraging our employees to offer suggestions on ways to improve our business processes.
The goal of our QMS is to maintain an industry leading position in quality and to continually improve upon it. This is achieved by:

  • systematically setting quality objectives
  • defining actions and supplying the resources to achieve them
  • measuring specific aspects of quality at various stages of the process
  • analyzing results
  • asking our user community for feedback
  • improving the system by means of systematic corrective and preventive actions

Our QMS is externally audited each year and re-certified every three years. It is the backbone of our operations as a company. It provides our employees with a comprehensive set of tools that allow us to more effectively and efficiently fulfill our mission.

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