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Mission Capabilities One-Pager
This document gives you an overview of our capabilities, product lines, and some company information, including what Delta Information Systems’ other companies do.
DIS End-to-End (E2E) Corporate Overview
This one-pager provides an overview of all 5 of  the DIS companies and shows how they all work together to provide an E2E solution to meet all your missions needs.
Ampex Capabilities Brochure
Product Overview Brochure
Ampex Data Systems is committed to building cutting-edge, ruggedized data management and data security solutions for aerospace and ground vehicles, lab systems, flight test, and mission operations. Ampex offers full spectrum data management solutions for demanding environments and missions.
High-Speed, High-Capacity Product Comparison Chart
Ampex Data Systems manufactures fast, smart, secure, and reliable open architecture systems offering advanced encryption, cyber security, and machine learning.
  • Value-added software can be added to any system
  • Network interface options are not all-inclusive and can be customized
RCC IRIG 106 Chapter 7 and Chapter 10/11 Streaming Product Offerings
Ampex Data Systems and its sister companies, GDP Space Systems and Acroamatics, were among the first in the industry to embrace Ethernet as a primary method of transport for telemetry data.
Capabilities Statement
Ampex Data Systems is a Silicon Valley based small business that specializes in systems for acquiring, exploiting and protecting data with cost-effective solutions for data recording, on-board storage, cyber security, data management, machine learning and other associated technologies.
Network Centric Flight Test Architectures
The easier management and control of large amounts of data can be achieved with the modern Ethernet over IP and the right software from Ampex Data Systems, and sister companies.


Delta Mission Systems – The Delta Difference – Ground Edition

Learn what sets Ampex Data Systems & Delta Digital Video apart from the competition. Why should you choose Delta Mission Systems for your missions’ needs? Advanced & Reliable Hardware, Cutting-Edge Software, Cyber security focused, & performance you can trust.

Intelligent Data Management for Air, Land, Sea and Space Platforms

Air, land, sea and space platforms generate an ever increasing volume of data, which, is outpacing the ability to effectively review and analyze the information. Ampex has developed BLUE IQ to mediate this problem by providing cognitive data analytics using deep learning at the airborne, space borne or ground sensor.

Technical Papers & Presentations:

  • Turnstile — A Novel Encryption Scheme
    • Turnstile is an encryption scheme that combines tried, tested and trusted algorithms in such a way as to make recordings inaccessible even if an adversary has full access to, and control of, the test article. This allows engineers to configure a system with full encryption capabilities without having to “re-key” the unit regularly.
  • The Utilization of NVME Storage in Edge Applications
    • Edge computing is becoming increasingly important in today’s technology landscape as the amount of data generated grows. In addition, with the proliferation of IoT devices, sensors, and other data sources, the demand for low-latency, high-bandwidth applications is increasing.
  • Application for Machine Learning to Reduce Downstream Processing
    • This paper explores the potential for the use of airborne content analytics in both the Test and Evaluation (T&E) and production/operational environments. Using machine learning and neural networks to examine large datasets for potentially interesting events can dramatically reduce the time taken to identify anomalies, and represents a significant part of the development of the capabilities required by innovations such as “self-driving cars.” Development of parallel processing solutions using components originally designed for graphics display (“General Purpose Graphics Processor Units”, or GPGPU) has provided processing resources that promise to make machine learning systems a viable component of a space- (and power-)constrained on-board content analytic system. Examples of applications for such systems are discussed, focused on those for which a GPGPU with a few hundred cores might be practical.
  • History of The Early Days of Ampex Corporation
    • Alexander M. Poniatoff founded Ampex in 1944, primarily to manufacture small motors and generators for military applications. When WWII ended, the military contracts dropped off, and Alex had to search for a new line of business to  continue his company’s existence. He and his small group of engineers heard a demonstration of a Magnetophon, a German magnetic tape recorder used by Hitler during WWII. The demonstration quickly convinced Alex to redirect his company and soon it was designing and manufacturing professional-quality magnetic tape recorders. Bing Crosby was a great help in Ampex’s early years. The company grew quickly and, within a short time, dominated the magnetic tape recorder market in radio, television, the record industry, and industrial and military markets for instrumentation recorders.
  • H.264 vs H.265 Video Compression Algorithms
    • This paper discusses the application of two of the latest video encoding approaches for test platforms, particularly in bandwidth-constrained and over imperfect (lossy) transmission links. High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC or H.265) is compared with MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding (AVC or H.264), and the behavior of both in low bandwidth and lossy transmission channels is explored, concentrating on the ability to transmit usable information over low bandwidth links using each approach. Comparison of the same video simultaneously compressed heavily for constrained links and lightly for on-board storage is used to illustrate the effects of heavy compression on video usability, as well as side-by-side comparison of the output of both video encoding algorithms as implemented in a rugged airborne package.

Training & Lunch and Learns:

Ampex provides education and training sessions for a variety of needs both virtually (video teleconference) and in person as part of customer lunch and learns. Education topics include software-based recording, onboard cyber security/encryption, high speed data acquisition and storage, and artificial intelligence/machine learning, among many others.

Training is focused on effectively using Ampex products and includes configuration, operation, and maintenance techniques and procedures. In-person sessions can be done at your location or at Ampex locations in Silicon Valley, Colorado Springs, Colorado, or the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania metro area (parent company location).