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Ampex and Tesla, Rock the Retro Vibes!

May 31, 2024

We at Ampex are thrilled to share some exciting news! The legendary rock band Tesla is paying homage to the roots of the music industry by recording their latest album on an Ampex reel-to-reel tape. This nostalgic nod brings back the classic sound quality and charm that only analog recording can deliver.

In a recent unboxing video, Tesla’s Brian Wheat showcases the inner sleeve of their vinyl, proudly featuring the iconic Ampex reel. You can watch the video here and see Brian’s unique cane sword unboxing moment.

This limited-edition release is a must-have for fans of Ampex and rock music alike. It’s a perfect blend of vintage vibes and modern rock, capturing the essence of an era when Ampex walked among movie stars and bands, helping them create timeless art.

Don’t miss out on this special release—get your hands on it and relive the golden days of analog recording with Ampex and Tesla! For more information about the band and their latest release, visit Tesla’s official.