Ampex Data Systems Corp produces integrated data acquisition and recording systems for the flight test community. Acquiring analog, digital, serial, avionics bus, audio and video signals and recording them in IRIG Chapter 10 files on removable memory modules, the Ampex miniRv2 is the premier worldwide flight test recording system. Available with a wide range of data acquisition modules, the system can be configured within the miniRv2 recorder chassis, a dual use airborne recorder, or as a standalone separate AMux data acquisition chassis. Chassis are interconnected using Ethernet which can also be used to capture and record other networks based data on the test platform. PCM output port allows selected parameters to be sent to a transmitter for real-time downlink of flight test data.

Commercial Aircraft customers depend on the miniRv2 rugged data acquisition and recording system to protect their most valuable flight test data. Removable memory modules allow playback on common computer systems using USB or IEEE-1394 interfaces as well as reuse of airborne recorder for normal flight operations.

Network merges instrumentation and video from multiple sources and records and/or datalinks to aggregate signal.

  • IRIG 106 Chapter 10/7/11 supported formats
  • Airborne or Ground Based Telemetry Processing
  • Common Scalable Ecosystem
    • Airborne/Rugged Units
    • Rack Mounted “Semi-Rugged” Units
    • Ground Support Equipment (Download Stations)
  • Ampex Service and Support

We are very proud to support the following customers with our products:

  • Boeing 7X8
  • Embraer
  • Fujitsu
  • CFTE
  • Navy China Lake
  • USAF Eglin AFB
  • COMAC C919
  • Airbus
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
  • Navy Pax River
  • USAF Edwards AFB
  • USAF Nellis AFB

The following modules are available for use in Commercial Data Acquisition applications throughout the world:

  • miniR 700 Mini-Recorder Unit
  • TS282 (Airborne Network File Server)
  • TC MDR (Airborne Data Recorder)
  • AM-11b4 RS-170/NTSC/PAL video input (1440×960, 1440×1152) along with two audio inputs
  • AM-156 Audio: CVSD at 32Kbps rate
  • AM-170a H.264/MPEG4 encoder w/2Chs audio encoders
  • AM-204 4 MIL-STD-1553B bus monitor for dual redundant buses
  • AM-344 PCM: NRZ-L data with clock, or bi-phase input
  • AM-458 8 channels
  • AM-524 Analog with ICP interface at 16-bit resolution (Programmable Gain/Offset/Resolution)
  • AM-801 Ethernet input module (10/100/1000) for frames, UDP and TCP
  • AMux 1000 Data Acquisition Unit
  • AM-132 Encoded in two separate MPEG2/4 TS’s up to 15Mbps with time overlay (Includes two audio inputs and one of them with Event Marking tone function)
  • AM-12b1 SMPTE292-296 (1080i, 720p) with two audio inputs
  • AM-15F FC-AV (HSVN-9 interface for AM-150)
  • AM-228 ARINC 429 bus monitor
  • AM-338 PCM: NRZ-L data with clock
  • AM-413 Parallel (Programmable 8×3/16×2/32×1)
  • AM-601 High-speed general-purpose serial ports
  • AM-261 IEEE1394B D/CAM video
  • AM-264 IEEE1394B bus monitor
  • AM-430 Discrete, 25V
  • AM-432 Discrete, TTL
  • AM-530a A/D Converter and Analog Controller
  • AM-51b6 Analog Front End requires AM-530a
  • AM-901 GPS
  • AM-16b1 DVI video input with two audio input
  • AM-172 H.264 encoder with HD-SDI input
  • AM-173 H.264 encoder with DVI input