Low Cost Mission System Recording & Storage Solutions

Unmanned systems often require low-cost, attritable sub-systems commensurate with the role the platform plays in terms of mission operations and affordability. Ampex can scale our low-cost options to meet your needs and shift data storage/processing from a capital cost to an operating expense.

The TuffCORD is purpose built for mission data recording to include giving customers the ability to record both compressed and uncompressed video in a single, rugged, network file server.  Uncompressed HD-SDI video has become increasingly more desired for precision video analysis and real-time decision-making. With an HD-SDI interface and a market leading Delta Digital Video encoder (H.264 / H.265), the TuffCORD gives users the benefits of both uncompressed video (best quality for analysis) and compressed video.

Built for tough environments, the TuffCORD is designed with the flexibility to meet a wide variety of operational needs. It can record all video types, be a network file server, a mission or flight test data recorder, and a mission data loader.

The Common Architecture Recorder (CAR) helps customers shift data acquisition and recording systems from a capital expense to an operating cost. CAR is scalable with the flexibility to add almost everything you might want, but not stuffed with the costly things you don’t need.