Cybersecurity & Software Updates Plus Onboard Encryption

Getting the most for your data starts with data you can trust. Ampex can provide cybersecurity / software updates and encryption tailored for your needs.

ACCE Cybersecurity and Software Update Service

Ampex Patches & Updates Your TuffServ / TuffCORD / miniRv2 Software
Ampex now offers a cybersecurity and software update service for our TuffServ, TuffCORD, and miniRv2 products. If you own one of these systems, Ampex will help you stay on top of cybersecurity enhancements, patches, interoperability issues, bugs, and latent vulnerabilities in the Ampex Common Compute Environment (ACCE), including Red Hat Enterprise Linux and other third-party software (drivers, etc.).

Keeping Your Ampex Systems Secure and Up-to-Date
Avoid the worry and hassle of ensuring your systems remain secure and up-to-date! The decision to install each update is up to you, but if you choose, Ampex will assume the responsibility of preforming the updates or providing you with the requisite update files on a monthly or quarterly basis tailored to your mission needs. This includes working with you to assess the implications of applying or deferring each patch. As a value-added feature, Ampex can test the updates in-house on a hardware / digital twin of your existing baseline prior to shipping. The periodic updates include comprehensive documentation for service history and security compliance.

Ampex currently offers FIPS 140-2 and FIPS 197 compliant systems and will soon offer more advanced encryption and onboard cybersecurity solutions.

  • Versatile approaches to encryption key handling (dongles/CIKs, standard key load ports, network authentication, etc)
  • A range of certifications and approvals